Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum

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490 S. Center Street, Reno

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Build It!
Build It! photo

From roads and homes to schools and businesses, building and construction are a constant part of everyone's life. Build It! puts children in the heart of it all as they explore the entire process from drafting plans to choosing building materials and working toward energy conservation. Build It! also brings Nevada's vast solar and geothermal energy resources indoors and puts their power into the hands of young people.

Make Your Own Quake exhibit created in partnership with the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation at the University of Nevada, Reno.

 KEVA Planks 

15,000 KEVA Plank exhibit just opened!

Building with your imagination and your expertise when you construct everything from skyscrapers to suspension bridges using up to 15,000 of The Discovery's new KEVA Planks!

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Inside Out: an Anatomy Experience
Now Open

Chemistry of the Cocktail

Chemistry of the Cocktail
Friday, October 16 · 6:00pm